Praying for the small…

Such a small thing… really.  A pimple.  Yep.  In the busyness of my Saturday, I felt that oh too familiar sensation – the itching, the pressure – could only mean one thing.  Before taking a glance at my reflection, I could tell you what I knew I would see.  All at once, those insecure high-school kid notions came rushing back.  I just wanted it to magically poof away, really, I just didn’t want to deal with.  It’s one of those situations you face that you can’t hide from, it’s as plain as the nose on my face.  People will see it, how will I choose to handle it.

Well, I found myself having a conversation with the Lord about it (a great car conversation, it can get a little more in-depth).  I first thought of a recent circumstance in which a friend kindly had me try some new facial products.  Nothing like a large mirror in which you face all of your skin imperfections!  Hadn’t thought about those scars in awhile.  Actually found myself thankful not to have faced the acne battle in that last few years, yet here I am, grown adult, one still privy to a breakout – had I thought I never would again?  I’ll admit, I was annoyed.  Mature response, I know, so I said something like, “Lord, you breathed the world into existence in a mere 6 days, surely you take this zit, and simply get rid of it.”  I wanted a quick fix,  I know he surely can, but I also realize He’s not a genie that’s there for my every whim.

Ever find yourself faced with the “small”, “unexpected” in your day?  Often we handle the “big” much better than we do the “small”, the “annoying”.  I dare to venture though, that the small is what shapes our character, perhaps even more than the big.  Though my God is Big enough to handle my whining, I want my heart to be big enough and open enough to hear my attitude and to change.  I want my heart to look more like His.  In order for this to happen, I thought a bit more about my words.  I prayed something like this…

Lord, I’m approaching your throne of grace with confidence.  I know full well that you can take this pimple away.  I’m simply asking you for this.  After checking my heart, I’m simply asking.  I used to think I was annoying you with the simple, unimportant, yet you taught me that everything concerning me, your creation, IS important to you.  I trust that you have heard my request.  I am fine to carry this pimple as a reminder, I am fine to not have to face this for the next few days.  Either way, I trust you, and I thank you.

Daring to believe… freedom in whatever the result.  This is my current state of being.  It’s awesome.  I spend so much less of my time worrying, mulling, circle-thinking.  Not that it never comes my way, I just don’t get so stuck.  I used to think that this result means this, or this other result would be that.  Nope.  Either way, God is God.  Period.  I rest in this.  I don’t even need to justify it to anyone else.  Peace.

Wondering what happened with my request?  Well, let’s just say God brought to mind a scenario that happened the day prior.  My youngest child, in her definitive, yet silly way announced that she was going to choose my outfit for the day.  Okay (I smirked).  She wanted to serve, who was I to get in her way?  However, predicting the outcome of this little adventure, I decided to help her narrow the choices a bit.  “Mommy feels like wearing something comfy today”.  So, she chooses brown sweats and a bright pink zip-up jacket.  “Great choice my dear, how about a white shirt to go underneath.” “This one Mommy, it will keep your neck warm.” (little bit short, but the jacket will cover). “Awesome, now, instead,  how about some comfy jeans and a pink belt to match”. “Okay,” she announces.  Mission complete, both parties happy.

I felt the Lord whisper, “Why did you allow her to choose for you?”  She simply wanted to, asked all on her own.  “How did you feel about her asking you?”  I was a bit leary, but even more thrilled that she wanted to help in a way that I help her everyday.  “Heather, how much more delighted to you think I feel when YOU simply ask?”

Ohhhh, got it Lord.  And by the way, thanks for answering my prayer.  No pimple.  Hadn’t really thought about it since that prayer.  It really was important at the time.  In case I haven’t told you today… I love you.


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