The smell of home…

After reading the title of this post, perhaps you think of the smell of warm apple pie, a delicious dinner favorite, or even a familiar air fragrance that is unique to you.  Well, my “smell” of home is a bit different.  This smell may not entice feelings of warm invitation to you, but it does to me.  You see, I spent many hours of my life in the presence of this smell.  Some great memories, some not so great, but I hadn’t realized how much I missed it until I walked into it’s aroma again today… the smell of chlorine.

Yep, what’s a girl to do on a cold winter day?  No hot coco for me, give me some chilled chlorine!  Yes, I admit I too felt a bit loopy at my invitation, nevertheless,  my mind couldn’t help but wander with each stroke my body made.  I haven’t been in a pool since the summer, and I haven’t truly been in the mindset of a lap workout for about a year.  Didn’t matter.  My muscle memory simply picked right up where it left off.  Almost as natural as breathing… almost… my arms and legs fell right into rhythm, a rhythm it’s taken a million times over my lifetime, stroke, stroke, stroke, breath, flip, glide, breath, stroke, stroke, stroke.  I felt at home.  I felt alive.

What rhythms of life do you find yourself repeating today?

As with any rhythm, or workouts for that matter,  small goals, small steps to the finish usually give you the best mindset to complete the activity.  When boredom set-in and I anticipated the finish part, a thought crossed my mind – Heather, are you enjoying the moment or missing it?  I was rushing it, I wasn’t enjoying it.  I decided to change my mindset, and it changed the rest of my pool time.  What a blessing to feel strength in my physical body, taking note of all the muscles that were working together to propel me forward.  I chose to be thankful for simply the ability to enjoy the feel of the physical.  If I had listened to the excuses in my head, I could have missed out…

Have I taken the same notice of my spiritual growth lately?  Have I invested in strengthening this as well?

And why is it that I feel so home here in the water?  Perhaps He created me to feel at home here.  Just this morning, I asked the kids their ideas of what they thought could be the Lord’s plans for their life.  I asked them to ponder what gifts He had given them in order for them to carry out this perfect and unique plan He has in store.  I loved their responses.  I love talking about the unique crafting He has made in them and what they see already.  Austin has been made to feel at home on a basketball court.  Emma has been made to feel at home on gymnastics equipment.  Brynn, our littlest, is pictured up above.  A five year old as comfortable as she was at 1, swimming on her back.  It’s beautiful, it’s breath-taking, it’s marvelous.  I’m so proud to watch their characters build within these giftings.  Can you imagine how much more the Lord beams on his children who set their hearts on Him?

What are your “giftings”?  How is He asking you to use them in your life?  Is He asking you to revisit a gifting, as I revisited the pool today?  Is He asking you to put something on hold, waiting for His divine timing in the larger picture of life?

If you’re not sure what is home for you, have you asked him?  What do others notice in you and comment about, perhaps something you scoff at because it’s just so natural for you? Perhaps it’s His gifting!  Do me a favor, join Him there, even for some moments.  Immerse yourself in that cool water, and just get it all over ya… but don’t forget to come up for air. Thank Him for his marvelous creation in you, His beautiful child.  You’ll be glad you did.  Stay warm!


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