Sky Zone

My Mom and Dad bought us the sweetest gift for Christmas.  Every now and then it’s so fun to “change up the office”, as I like to call it.  To add something to our home, as far as decor – especially something so meaningful.  As you might have guessed from my late night posts, I seem to “do” projects well late at time.  And so, I decided upon putting up this project a few nights ago.  It came to mind today.  You see, there’s one thing that defines our family, both at home and when we’re out.  This “one thing” to me, is laughter, and now it’s written on my wall.  Thanks Mom and Dad!

The reason it came to mind was I got to capture some laughter with my camera/video today.  Having the day off from school, the kids and I decided we would go check out this place I had heard about.  As they’re getting older, it’s been fun to try some new adventures.  They don’t realize how convenient we have it with so many fun opportunities very near to our home.  This place we went to today is the only one like it in the entire state.  It’s called Sky Zone, an indoor trampoline park.  In the words of the kids – it’s VERY COOL!  Yep, it’s a room full of connected trampolines.  You can literally bounce off the walls.  Trampolines even line the walled areas as well.  They had baskets to shoot at for Austin and his friends.  They even had a separate “court” for a friendly game of dodge ball.  I captured some precious moments.  As soon as I have a chance to “learn” from my techie hubbie on how to put them on u-tube, I’d love to share.

God bless our home with love and laughter – He sure has.  With Aaron around, laughter is never too far away, yet there’s one thing I’ve noticed.  Laughter comes at all different times.  Laughter sometimes comes after a good cry.  Laughter happens at spontaneous times – a recited movie line just at the right moment, a funny video or commercial seen on TV, a recall of a memory, an embarrassing moment, or even a silly prank.  One thing my husband has taught me – anything in life can be looked at from a perspective of well-told funny tale.  His quick wit has created an outburst of laughter in me for years.  My, it simply feels so good to laugh.  Our youngest has seemed to naturally inherit this trait as well, and it’s a good thing.   Focus is a buzz-word around the house with her, yet I know that life for her will almost always be viewed through some not-so-serious eyes, Lord help me 🙂

Have a wonderful day.  May laughter abound for you as well today, it’s so good for the soul!  Afterall, if Job can say this, who are we to scoff:

Job 8:21
He will yet fill your mouth with laughter and your lips with shouts of joy.


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