The greatest goal of 2010

I’ve set numerous goals for myself throughout the year.  Some goals range from simply getting out of bed on time, to using kind words and apologizing when I don’t.  I’ve set a few race goals along the way, and as the Lord saw fit, several of those were able to be obtained.  Of all the goals set,  the one that wins, hands down, is one I’ve attempted several times, but never saw through to the end.  The one the means the most to me this year is being able to say, I have completed reading through the entire Bible for the first time in my life.

Funny, but I think I set this goal over the years with only a half-heart.  I knew I should be striving towards this goal, I knew that if I called myself a Christian, I should want to grab at this first thing in the morning, yet my excuses were always ready at the helm.  Part of the problem was I saw this as a duty, an obligation, and Satan was so quick to remind me that I could rebel, just for one day.  Then one day, turned into 7, and I simply grew too overwhelmed to try to catch up, so I simply didn’t.  A large part of the problem for me, was I just didn’t make the time to do it, other, more pressing things took it’s place, and I simply fell out of the routine of checking in as to if I accomplished my reading for the day.

This year, completely different.  The difference?  My heart.  I wanted to do it this year.  I set aside time, though it was different times each day, I gave it thought, just as in making sure I am feed and clothed each day.  Funny thing, I really got “into” it.  I not only wanted to read as the months pasted, but I looked forward to it.  For the first time, the concept of the bible coming to life really took root.  I started seeing connections I’ve never made before, often the timing of the readings were just spot on for the day, and I started to realize how my days and perspective fell into sync in a little different way.  I was being fed true nourishment, and my soul was full, peaceful, inspired.

So how about it?  What are your goals for this upcoming year?  Would you consider reading with me starting January 1, 2011?  I can’t wait to do it again!  May I suggest this, One Year Chronological Bible?  It comes in the New Living Translation, something new to me, something I’ve cherished.  It’s written in the order in which the scriptures were written.  Lots to learn as passages were repeated throughout several books and the timeline came to life.  Even better, grab a friend, help one another to be accountable as you check in and share what you’re learning along the way.  It just might be the greatest goal for you in 2011!  Enjoy a great last week of the year!


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