The Greatest Gift

The Manger. The Manger is a Christmas gift store for needy families in Northwest Columbus.  Its purpose is to help ease the burden of gift giving by allowing parents to shop for their families at greatly reduced prices.  It’s grand opening was tonight.  For the second time, all five of us were able to be a part of this Christmas miracle.  Each one of us has a story, each one of us had an ordained plan.  It’s simply an honor just to be a part of the plan.  My take away this evening… perspective, a humble heart.

Aaron and Austin served as wherever-you-need-me men, Emma wrapped many gifts, Brynn helped with the shopping, I got to be a “mingler” and a listener.  I had nothing to offer as a solution to their circumstances, but I do have something even better than a consumable item to offer, the greatest gift of all… my Jesus.  We each loved it.  We each had a role in serving as the body of Christ.  We each had a hand to reach out.  We each received so much more in return.  This season, do you have a hand to extend?  Take a moment and click here for more information.  Perhaps, just perhaps, God has a gift for you this season.  We would love a chance to serve as the body alongside you.  God bless!


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