Memories of my mom…

Not exactly sure why.  Perhaps it’s the holiday season, at times it’s a song, often it’s an item I received as a gift, mostly, it’s just because.  I’ve been thinking lately of my mom, more technically my mother-in-law.  Funny how I had a hard time calling her Pat after years of addressing her as Mrs. Conrad, the name the came much more easily to me, was Mom.

I continued to reflect on her this morning.  You see, we heard stories of people testifying to the faithfulness of their Lord.  My thoughts ran straight to her.  Has it really been 8 months?  Her memory is so strong in my mind.  Strong, a word that describes her so well.  I remember sitting on her front porch.  Aaron and I had just gotten engaged.  The excitement and emotions were so strong, yet the details a bit taxing.  For the first time, she allowed me the privilege of tears.  She sat, encouraged, and just listened.  I remembered spending precious moments together over the Christmas holiday last year.  In many ways, my husband knew, this was a time for closure.  Sure enough, we received the call three months later.

As my husband prepared to leave in the early hours of the morning, I remember approaching my Jesus, calling on his name for the heart of my husband.  I remember him leaving, and though I could not go, I feel as though I never left his side.  I heard a voice filled with peace.  We reached each other through the wonderful waves of technology, but even more than that, for the first time, I experienced the sense of presence in the spiritual sense.  He was not alone, neither was I.  He even surrounded us with the body of Christ through his believers, and the use of cell waves.  And He continues to do so…  there is much to be thankful for.

So to you Mom, this your favorite time of year, I again thank you for the gift of your son.  I thank you for a heart that lives on in our children.  I thank you for your joyful laugh that I hear each day.  I thank you for your gift of hospitality, that too continues.  I thank my Jesus for the promise of it being a temporary separation.  I am filed with joy in thinking of you in a state of wholeness.  I love you Mom.


2 thoughts on “Memories of my mom…

  1. So well written and beautifully said. How did you know I was going to write a post today regarding the exact same thing. This was her “super bowl”. Christmas was her season and the time that she beamed with joy. She also beamed with joy the day we were married and all of her prayers for me came true. You were such a gift to her and she loved you more than you’ll ever know. Now she’s home for Christmas.

  2. Heather,
    What a beautiful post! Like Aaron said very well written. It brought tears to my eyes and made me think of my mom.
    Thank you!!

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