Book Review

Every now and then, I just love a good fiction read.  Through His masterful art of storytelling, James H. Pence somehow transported me into this movie-like adventure as seen through the lives of the characters.  As pages were flipped, I somehow found myself walking alongside, sharing a glimpse as to how the makings, planning, and brain-washing of a cult culture actually take place.  The uniqueness of this story finds itself in a place where within this alternative culture, two of the characters find Jesus Christ, and the truth.

If you or someone else you know is teetering on the line of finding truth or even life’s purpose, you’ll want to invest your time in reading these carefully crafted words.  It’s a story of mystery and heartbreak, yet one that takes you to scripture and opens up it’s meaning in a new and even deeper way.

For more information about other books he has written, please visit this link. James H. (Jim) Pence is a full-time speaker, singer, chalk artist, writer, and editor,living in North Texas. Jim turned to writing in 1988 as a helpful means of expression after the death of his baby daughter Michelle. Eight years later, Dallas Seminary’s Kindred Spirit published A Road Not Chosen, Jim’s narrative account of his and his wife’s experience.

I simply want to thank Kathy Carlton Willis Communications for providing this opportunity to read this book.  In praying about and watching for open doors, I am simply honored and humbled to have had both this opportunity to read and to make a connection to brothers and sisters in Christ from all different parts of this country.  May you sense His blessings today in a powerful way.


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