My husband calls it, the dreadmill…

Today was the day.  As I drove my daughter to gymnastics this morning, I happened to glance down at the temperature reading… 32.  Yikes.  Always hard to see, yet it is November, and it is Ohio.  As we continued to drive, I noticed runners going by in full gear.  Yep, decision made.  Today was a treadmill day.

Now, I don’t detest this wonderful peace of equipment.  It brings much needed relief on those very cold winter days, and is a nice alternative to have when outside is NOT an option.  However, the hesitancy remains.  For me, it’s all about the habit.  It’s been my habit to run outside, to enjoy the fresh day, to watch scenery go by, to experience variety, to have the freedom to change up the pace as your body needs.  With a treadmill, I’m very aware of my time and my pace, 2 things I try my best to ignore and resist focusing on.

Enter my creative husband.  With the blessing of an iPad, he was able to rig up a way to attach it to the consul, plug in and have the ability to watch a movie – gold mine!  Great way to pass the time.  So off I went, huff puff, huff puff.  I’d like to say I adjusted well, but…. not so much.  I found myself whining and complaining.  Despite all these amazing options, I found myself bored.  Time appeared to pass more slowly than any other run I’d experienced lately outside.  Appeared being the key word.

This got me thinking… all that life affords, can still leave you feeling empty.  All that is available to us, still does not fill the part of us that was created to have relationship with Him.  That’s what I love most about running, it affords me the opportunity to be in relationship with my Jesus.  Being inundated with all the world affords me this morning… left me distracted.

He allowed me to realize another thought.  When I start my “journey”, but look ahead to see how much father to the “finish” line, I immediately grow weary, thought of “there’s no way I can finish that, might as well quit” ring so strong.  Having run for 4 years now, I learned one thing:

Run the mile you’re in.

We are instructed to take one step at a time.  One mile at a time.  One forward-thinking, encouraging thought at a time.  Psalms 119:105, tells me that His word is a lamp unto my feet.  If you’ve ever been out in the dark with a lamp, you realize there is just enough visibility for you to take a few steps in the light.  The entire path in front of you may not be visible in the dark, but a few feet in any direction is visible.  That’s how I chose to entire my running journeys, knowing the end will near, knowing the rewards for persisting are great.

Where has the Lord asked you to run today?


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