Another great read!

She did it again!  Another page-turner!  Karen Kingsbury writes this time about a character named Holden Harris.  He is a high school senior and has autism.  The story unfolds and simply somes to life through the writing style of this Spirit-inspired woman who has following her calling to write fiction witha life-changing purpose.  I appreciate how I’m drawn into the story as if watching it through my minds eye.  In doing so, I too reflect on my relation with the Lord, memorize scripture as it is repeated throughout the book, and also become familiar with the words this characters are hearing from God.

I highly recommend this book.  If autism hits home with you or even someone you know, I would feel confident and even led to place this book in their hands.  For not only do we the reader learn from someone who becomes unlocked of his world, we realize just how locked we become in ours as well.  I want to thank Zondervan for the opportunity to read this book as it was sent to my house for free.  I appreciate how they support their authors and truly want to spread the Word of the Lord however it is deemed to do so.  God bless!


One thought on “Another great read!

  1. Heather –

    Thanks so much for reading my post on (in)courage and then stopping by my blog. I appreciate your sweet comment so much and enjoyed spending some time on your blog as well. What a lovely family you have. Blessings!

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