Receiving a gift

Just wanted to take a moment to do something I often don’t take the time to do…

I simply want to say thank you.

Funny thing about being thankful sometimes… we often dismiss an opportunity to simple receive.

I could have missed this opportunity just yesterday, yet something inside me just paused before the word “no thanks” came out of my mouth (all credit to the Holy Spirit).  You see, my husband and I are different in some ways.  He embraces change, he continually looks for ways to make things better, different, likes to check out options.  I used to tease him by asking what our apartment would look like when I returned home because he enjoyed rearranging things to find “just the right fit”.  The word re-arrange simply sends shivers up my spine.  I like things just the way they are, “thank you very much”.

I now tease that his websites, blogs, and even email accounts (he has just a few) are now an outlet for his re-arrangeing tendancies, conflict avoided, until…. he asked to re-arrange my blog for me (uhhhh).  In all actuality, he was generously given the gift of free hosting indefinitely (thank you to oqobo!)  SO, with-the-restrain-of-an-excited-little-boy, he wanted to move me to his previously hosted site, dazzling me with several options that could be available.  I just love his passion, it’s not mine, but what his passion has led him to learn is simply so cool.  He’s a quick learner when it comes to these things, me, not-so-much.

All that to say, I found myself receiving a gift.  Within a short amount of time, he created the beautiful portrait of  the “me” you see in front of you.  The “me” I now see through the eyes of my Creator, in essence, HIS story in my life.  Honey, I love you with all that I am.  I stand amazed, and even chuckle most times, at how our differences created a beautiful and better “whole”.  Thank you for how you unselfishly love, generously serve, and passionately pursue.

Food for thought…  if you had a chance to create a blog, what would it look like?  What would it say?  What would someone coming to visit understand about you in a moment’s glance?  What sort of “purpose” would your blog serve?  I know a great designer and teacher if/when you need one… 🙂


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