Blessings of walking IN Him…

Every once in awhile, there are special moments.  Moments that you simply find yourself a part of, in the middle of, standing and smiling.  Perhaps it’s an event, perhaps it’s a spoken word, perhaps it’s a written word, either way, it’s received, and that’s all.  Reminds me of the concept of grace – a gift bestowed from the One who simply delights in me, knowing full well all my faults, flaws, and sins.  This concept describes last evening for me.  As I ran this morning, I found myself still basking in the moment, amazed and humbled once again to share about my Lord.

A few weeks ago, Aaron and I decided to purchase some tickets in support of this tour.  Max Lucado had a vision of spreading the word about a ministry that is the voice of thousands of children around the world.  The venue to spread the word was a concert put on by three amazing groups of artists, with three very different styles, three unique voices, one common thread – serving their Lord, however He asks.  Because of their obedience, over 300 more children will now have food, water, clothing, and an opportunity for education for the first time.  World Vision is following God’s call to share His provisions in a way to reach people globally, to make a connection with an outstretched hand, to make a difference in the life of one child.  I’m praying for you today as to a connection the Lord might have for you and your family with an “adopted” little one you may never meet. Please, click on the link and pray about an opportunity He might have for you.  He connected us with 7-year-old Kutesa from Uganda, a little boy the same age as our middle child, a young boy of 21 in his family who lives in a country devastated by AIDS.  What a privilege to give, no strings attached.

As we headed to Dayton last evening, I had no idea what was in store.  I found myself simply thankful for an opportunity to attend with my “boys”, a treat knowing the girls were being loved on by some dear friends, with the added bonus of being granted access to “backstage” passes by means of another God-ordained friendship.  We arrived, and one by one, the Lord added sprinkles and cherries to our ice cream platters of goodness.  We “bumped” into some good friends from our hometown, my brothers’ pastor and his wife (childhood hometown friends), and even a childhood best friend of my husband’s (who just so happened to sit in the row directly behind us).  Yep, not only were we granted the desirable pink bracelets, but we were ushered to 10th row floor seats on top of that.  (We were then able to hand our “seats” to others before they purchased… free).  AND…

There is a very special lady I was told would be in attendance as well.  To say I respect this lovely lady would be an understatement.  Without ever meeting this woman face-to-face, she has spoken into my life in so many ways.  She is a devoted wife, a mother, a grandmother, a talented writer, a true follower of Christ.  I had the privilege of being introduced to her at a Women of Faith event through a special friend of mine, all the while knowing this dear women is introduced to hundreds of people as she travels with her husband, Michael Hyatt, speaker, chairman and CEO of Thomas Nelson Publishers. Gail and I had a chance to connect on Twitter, yet weren’t able to finalize plans.  As I looked forward to even a  remote possibility to say “hi” again, we were ushered to our seats, and who just happened to be seated directly next to us?  Yep.  Above and beyond what I could even ask for…

We enjoyed an amazing time of worship together, both as a family, and the “family” of Christ who connects hearts in ways that human minds can’t even comprehend.  We listening to Toby Mac and Diverse City, Third Day, and Max Lucado – each man a humble servant, vibrant with energy to use their gifts and talents in a way that honors Him and unites the body of Christ.  During intermission, we then walked to the designated area for those with “pink” bracelets.  Simply because we were “with” the Hyatts, we even bypassed the “line” of wait-ers, and were ushered to the backstage area.  Aaron’s comment,

This simply doesn’t happen.

Honey, I guess it does.



 Yep, we were given a gift.  A chance to speak words of encouragement and gratefulness to men being used as willing vessels for Him.  They treated us with kindness, warmth, and genuine smiles.  Austin’s response… nothin but a smile.

We returned to our seats, simply enjoying the praise and worship of Michael W. Smith, amazed at all that had transpired.  With our new little boy “tucked” in my heart and into my purse, I reflected on the words spoken and sung tonight – shine your light and, let the whole world see.  Yep, none other than the previous post He worked through my heart – yep, Toby read the exact same verse brought to my attention just this week.  God sees, He prepares, He answers, He blesses.  It’s real, He’s real, faith is real, His love is unreal.  You blow me away Lord, thanks for the “moment”.  This draws me back to your faithfulness over and over again.

If you live in the area, would you consider joining my friend Rachel and I for an opportunity to GROW together in this daily walk with Him?  We would love to see you there.  He just might have something for you that will knock your socks off!  Wouldn’t want to miss that would ya?  Have a great day IN Him!


2 thoughts on “Blessings of walking IN Him…

  1. WOW!!! I am so thankful God blessed you so abundantly!! Each person you met is one of my faves, too. All humble, amazing servants of God – including you my friend!!


    PS> Guess what?? I have a church in Waynesville, OH that is prayerfully considering me for an event the weekend of April 8/9. Is that near you?

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