Proud to be Mrs. Conrad…

I’ve had a few “random” thoughts lately, and simply felt the urge to write them down.  How often do we “think” of someone, but never follow through in sharing those thoughts?  Well, I decided to take a moment tonight, and simply appreciate the gift of my husband…

Aaron, I love you… more and more every day.  It’s has been the utmost pleasure to simply “run” beside you in this thing called life.  I was reminded of this concept in the brisk, cool, 6:30 am morning in downtown Columbus.  There we were, walking the streets with thousands of other “crazies”, laughing, taking pictures and videos, reliving past races, and chuckling about the sights and people surrounding us.  At that moment, there was nowhere else in the world I’d rather be.

After the race began, and we headed are separate ways, it felt as though a part of me had gone missing.  Though I was surrounded in every direction by others, I felt lost.  I trusted in His plan at the moment, yet a part of me longed for the comments from the “peanut gallery” beside me, keeping things light.  I thought of you, I prayed that the Lord’s presence was as strongly with you as He was with me.  I was completely filled with pride over that sheer fact that you’ve endured a rough physical road to reach this point.  That you simply did not give up.

I’m proud of the way you seek after the Lord with all that you are.  I’m proud of the way you so genuinely spoke into our son’s life tonight, treating Him with respect, and modeling for him the respect due his mother.  I’m proud of how you lead in the workplace, how you lead at home, and how you lead with others – tenderly, sincerely, and with all the humor that spills forth in your “expressive” ways.  I’m proud of how humbly you honor me, appreciate me, and encourage me.  I’m thankful for all the discussions we have on all sorts of subjects.  I’m thankful for the way you make me laugh at just the right times.  I’m thankful that you now pick up your own socks every morning.  I’m thankful for the way you partner with me in everything we do.

I’m proud to me called Mrs. Conrad.

Philippians 1:3 – I thank my God every time I remember you.


2 thoughts on “Proud to be Mrs. Conrad…

  1. You are too much. Words cannot express the blessing that you are to my life. I am who I am today because of who you are and what you mean to me. You are the grace in my life…

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