My God is so gracious!

This evening, my husband, my oldest, and my youngest piled into our new Honda van and headed down to the Columbus Convention Center (lil Emma was workin hard at gymnastics).  It’s a place we’ve frequented several times now as our running journeys continue.  Our goal – to pick up our packets and bibs in preparation for the big race early Sunday morning.  A seemingly ordinary event, yet God poured down His extraordinary measure for us.  I’m bursting to share, thanks so much for indulging!

As we arrived, we began to check out the vendors, ogled at all the “new stuff”, laughed at the T-shirt phrases, and scooped up all the free-bees (Aaron twittering it all!). I glanced to my right, and there was my friend Denise!  We had left messages earlier in the day, and there she was!  Such a pleasure to share in the excitement.  We both noted on a little, yet, important-to-us item, a poster.  We had received them in previous years, but couldn’t seem to locate them.  Then we learned that it was not included in the items this year, bummer.  She said our goodbyes, and Aaron and I grabbed some power-gel packs for the race (good stuff I tell ya!)  As we rounded the corner, Brynn noticed a man offering face-painting.  While we were waiting for her beautiful lady-bug to emerge,  a man approached us and asked if we wanted a poster.  I’m not kidding, HE walked up to US and gave me not 1, but 2 – for free!  Little did he know…

THEN, we walked a little farther and noticed another table.  They were selling shirts from previous years… cheap.  As we looked at the shirts, we noticed some medals as well.  The kids each chose one, and a bright blue one caught my eye.  This past May, a precious young lady was nearing the finish of her year-long stay with us and decided to run the half marathon.  She didn’t have a chance to finish.  Instantly, I just knew God was asking me to give her my medal, and I did.  It was that simple.  I had plenty, she had none.  There, sitting at this table was the exact same medal, just staring back at me.  The woman behind the table said, “Would you like this one?”  Again, I’m not kidding!  God so graciously gave me back the medal!  Unbelievable…

  THEN, as we turned to make our way out, God brought to mind by new friend Stacy.  We also had talked about meeting there and grabbing the opportunity to meet one another’s family.  I quickly sent her a text, and in a moment I received a reply, “We’re just arriving, heading down the concourse.”  Sure enough, as we left the convention room and headed out into the hall, there she was, heading straight for us with a beautiful lady that just had to be her Mom.  The kids and Aaron had a chance to say “hi”, she so graciously shared cards with them of her first marathon race in NYC, compliments of Athletes in Action, and we embraced a connection that only the Lord can orchestrate.  She is such an inspiration to me, such a light for Christ.  As you have a moment, click her name and read her story, you will be  blessed.

 Well, needless to say, that was an event.  We finished the evening by enjoying some dinner downtown.  Due to the Blue Jackets home opener, we headed North and decided upon a restaurant that Eddie George owns.  It was fun, it was delicious, it was perfect.

Aaron and I have a wonderful opportunity to become the “cheerleaders” for each of our precious children as they participate in the “Red Nose” race for children tomorrow.  I greatly anticipate the course He has set out for each of us, and revel in the opportunity to simply run for Him and with Him (I just added to my shirt tonight, pictures to come!)  Continue to pray for my friend Amanda as she rests and prepares for surgery on Wednesday… this one if for you my friend!  Enjoy a great weekend!


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