My little boy is 10!

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It’s truly hard to believe… Could an entire decade have already passed by?  If there was ever a popular phrase I heard before having children it was this,

If you think time flies, wait till you have kids.

As I was “looking back” through pictures tonight, how my life has been continually blessed through the life of this precious child.  He makes me laugh, he keeps me in-line (agenda-wise) that is, he lends a hands in ways too numerous to count, he has a heart that protects fiercely and loves tenderly, he’s a young man of few verbal words, yet has found an amazing outlet for thought in writing (similar to his father :)).

Austin, Mommy loves you with all that I am.  Thank you for being patient with Momma as I travel through this “thing of parenting” with you first.  Nothing makes me prouder than to watch God’s plans for your life unfold.  He has gifted you with amazing athletic talent, but even more than that, a heart that cares more about your teammates and the goal of the team than in your individual stats.  Your friends call you a role model and a kind boy, I call you my son, my one and only.  I love you today Buddy, now and forever.  Oh, and one more thing, I’m holding onto being taller than you today, not so sure about tomorrow.


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