Save the dates!

GROW – God Redeems Ordinary Women

A gathering time for women of the community to pray and study God’s word together.

Location: New Grounds Coffee House
Date: Thursday evenings, beginning November 4th
Time: 6:30 – 8:00 pm

A few months ago, my friend Rachel received a picture of sorts, one that she so confidently believed was a vision of something yet to come.  I remember vividly… at the time, we were on the phone.  I was driving home from a conference, I could tell you that I was driving through downtown Athens.  As she described this picture to me, my heart just soared, my smile was wide, my words were few.  This is how my Lord speaks, to hearts willing to obey and willing to seek His will above any earthly work.

As we continued to meet, to pray, to dream, to brainstorm, and make lists, God continues to guide.  Our vision included a community place to gather.  We envisioned an evening session to create an opportunity to women in all stages of life to gather.  We envisioned the beauty of God’s diversity in the ladies represented that He would bring.  We envisioned an atmosphere of having permission to speak freely.  We envisioned a time for His word to teach, and for sharing ways to apply these teachings in our daily lives.  We envisioned a strong sense of belonging in the sisterhood of Christ.

Would Christ have a place for you in this gathering?  I encourage you to pray about it.  Click here for more information, and as always, feel free to ask any questions.  We just ask that you come as you are, come when you can.  God bless!


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