It was a great day for a race!

So Aaron and I hit the streets early this morning for another half-marathon “challenge”, as the announcer so pointedly spoke today.  Each race does present its challenges, each race brings along its “take-aways”.  Just as in life, each leg of the journey has something to teach us.  Today, Aaron and I simply enjoyed.  We enjoyed an opportunity to experience the ups and down together, to have time together in encouragment, to enjoy some food (dinner with old friends), and to even meet some new ones.  Thanks Dave and MaryBeth!  We actually wouldn’t even had the opportunity today had it not been the suggestions of our good friends Matt & Rachel.  Though they weren’t able to participate this year, they made the trip, even with kids in tow, to cheer us on to the finish – such a treasure to us.  For such a time as this, we are traveling this journey of life together.

Another “gift” to us today, was the priceless treasure of water.  At the completion of the race, a nice man approached us and handed us much-needed bottles of water.  When glancing up, I happened to notice this nice man was our good friend Tom (pictured to the left).  He was experiencing a half-marathon for the first time today, and he finished well!  He so kindly shared how it was inspiration that brought him into this adventure, and we simply mentioned the ones who invited us as well.  What a treasure, out of the 12,00 runners, that we would even bump into him.  The running community at large, and even our hometown community through food service, merged onto an airforce base in Dayton today… amazing!

Lessons learned today:

1.  What an enjoyment to start the race at a comfortable pace, and to take in the beautiful blue sky all around us.

2.  I appreciated sharing in fun sites, sounds, and silly comments with Aaron.

3.  Nothing like spending time in unabashed worship, lifting hands to a praise song, enjoying the ability to run with no pain.

4.  Tackling hills is so mental.

5.  Watching the pace times continue to get faster as the race went on.

6.  Finishing the last three miles at a strong pace, knowing where my strength came from.

7.  It’s not always how you run the race, but that you finished to the best of your ability, on that day!

8.  Thanks Mom and Dad for loving on the kids!  We treasure your hearts, and appreciate your provision as we travel through our adventures!

Until the next one… keep persisting!


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