The royal treatment

I received royal treatment today… and I do mean royal. If there is one pampering item on earth that I enjoy but will rarely purchase for myself, it would be a massage treatment.  Knowing this, my amazing husband (yes I used the word amazing, Matt), purchases one for me every once in awhile for a special occasion.  I’ve been waiting for just the right day (ha!), you know, a day where you’re not rushed in, or rushed out with the next who-needs-to-go-where-when type of day.  Afterall, if one feels the tension creep right back up minutes after the treatment, what fun is that!

Well, today, the Lord cleared my schedule, and it was simply… perfect.  Aaron and I will be running in Dayton on Saturday morning, and my muscles are now ready to go!  Part of me feels a bit humbled to give you details of my day, really, I understand it’s something not everyone splurges on, so to give you a few, let me tell you how I tried not to focus on all-the-starving-children-in-Africa, and simply talked myself into receiving this gift today:

steam shower, luxurious white, terri-cloth, commercial-fabric-softener type of robe, dark room, soft music, relaxing aromas, heated sheets, and then an angel walks in, gentle voice, and then quiet… she could literally read my mind as tension simply dissipated, a weight was lifted, my body turned to noodles, a thankful heart was at that was left.

Thank you  Jesus for all you provide.  Thank you for this amazing day, with weather I couldn’t have scripted better myself.  Thank you for providing a fabulous lunch enjoyed alongside my husband.  Thank you for the gift of you.  Not everyday is received as this, the weather will change, the tension will return, the legs will ache again, but for today, I chose to rest in You, my peaceful Presence.


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