So thankful…

Wanted to take just a few moments to share (as best I can) about an almost indescribable event that happened yesterday.  You see, some days I begin with a plan, an agenda per se, but I’m learning to tune myself into a prompting to change if need be.  My original plan was to take a bike ride in the morning.  In looking at the cloudy weather, I opted to get my long run completed instead.  I had an opportunity, I had the time, it made sense.  As I drove to a trail I planned on running, I needed to talk myself out of the silliness that for some reason I was going to be plungin’ ahead with something not slotted for today.  I ignored this “sense”, parked the car, and got my iPod ready…almost dead.  Well, perhaps I’m supposed to run in silence, I thought.  I stretched for a bit, looked up at the dark clouds, and decided to again push forward.  Let’s just say my legs were not happy.  Not the first time it’s happened, so I kept going.  Before I hit mile 2, I simply stopped.  It was weird, one moment I was running, the next I was walking, and I was at peace.  I bit stunned, but I just knew… time to go home for today.

What happened after that?  I enjoyed watching the movie, The Spirit of the Marathon, while it rained.  Inspiring movie!  When the rain stopped, I went for my original bike ride.  It was great!  Even greater – I knew He had a plan for me to run the next day, and that it would be the right plan, however it ended up “looking”.  The key was that I didn’t have to have it all figured out.  I didn’t need to entertain thoughts of failing for the day.  I simply enjoyed the day for what it was.  I trusted, even though I couldn’t see.

Hebrews 11:1
Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see.

So how was my run this morning?  In a word, fabulous.  Beautifully cool weather, bright blue sky, the ability to get in the groove and simply enjoy the God-given ability to let my body run.  Was it perfectly easy?  It never is, but without a little hard, we wouldn’t be able to relish in the amazing accomplishment of simply enduring to the finish.  Funny just to reflect on, again, just how much running parallels life.  The hardest miles for me are the first 3.  Honestly, muscles are sore, legs are tight, almost like jump starting a car – it rumbles, sputters, and quips for a bit.  How often does it happen that we start a “journey”, and not too far into it, we have to take on some serious self-talk not to say – “that’s about enough for today”.  I really wanted to stop and walk.  In fact, it was just after the desperate part of desiring to walk when my body “released” and dropped the load I had just been carrying.  How often have we quit, moments before our miracle?

After enjoying several miles, my energy button started to deplete, you can actually feel it, not much control to stop it either.  Know what I mean?  It’s as if someone just unplugged your energy supply.  Know what I felt myself repeating?  Just run to the next mile Heather.  In other words, don’t gaze too far down the road, just set your sights on the next mile marker.  And one at a time, they came and went.  I was nearing the end, feeling good, yet soon I would arrive at my water stop.  Could I have survived without it?  Yes.  Yet experience tells me, I need that water.  I will be able to go further and faster having stopped to replenish than to simply run dry.  Do you find yourself at this point?  Feeling good, yet knowing it’s time to stop and refuel?

Are you almost ready to finish?  Feeling strong, nearing the end?  Wow, amazed at your “time”?  It’s at this point that two words were all that I could think to say – thank you.  For I know that many days are not like this.  In fact, I approach many runs now with dread of a bad day.  So many variables I can’t control, so for this great day, I simply thank the one who gave it to me.  I love you Lord.


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