A Mother's prayer…

I’ve had time to myself lately… which leads to lots of time for thoughts.  Brings back memories of my 8-hour lifeguarding shifts with one no to talk to!  As I’ve spent time talking with my Jesus, I’ve noticed a conversation flow that has led me to re-focus on my purpose.  You know, the reason-for-living-type of purpose.  Once again, in sheer humility, I simply felt a nudge to share my prayer time thoughts with you today.  I pray these words may perhaps start you ta thinkin as well…

Dear Jesus,

Holiness seems so far from me, and yet it is truly the desire of my heart.  I long for intimacy.  I long to know You.  I want my whole life to reflect Your presence and Your power.  I want to live astounded by Your grace and Your glory.

And yet, God, it’s just me.  Fragile and sinful me.  Come and make me Yours.  Heal my wounds.  Forgive my sins, again.  Give new words to my prayers.  Restore my yearning for truth.  Feed me with Your insight and wisdom.  Cover me with Your lavish love.

I want these children to live in the blessing of a spiritually healthy woman.  Let me be that woman.  Remove the distractions that keep me from godliness.  Step into the blur of my life rushing by and speak stillness into my days.  Hold me close and care for my soul.

In these years of mothering, let me chose to surrender the place of my soul for Your safekeeping.  Whisper to my heart and give directions to my steps.  Shout to me from Your vastness and add wisdom to my words.  Let me love and celebrate life from the full cup of your grace and peace.

Your child, Heather


6 thoughts on “A Mother's prayer…

  1. In so many more beautiful words than many of us could express, you have written the desires of the hearts of so many women/mothers, who long to serve our Lord and find His pleasure in all we do with the breaths He has given us. I am so thankful He was so gracious as to place you in my life when He did.

  2. Thanks ladies for simply stopping by and taking a moment to comment. I pray for each of you that the inspiration He gives draws you all that much closer in your relationship. Have a great weekend!

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