A pause in time…

How do we measure time?  Event to event, year to year, day to day, moment by moment?  Why is it that some moments are gone in a blink and others seem to never end?  What would we do without the snapshot of a photo to mark a particular instant?  Would we forget it all?

I simply sit and ponder tonight.  Being an internal processor, it takes me time to sift through my thoughts, to even string my thoughts into an assemblage of words that actually make sense, but those rare instances where I can see a moment clearly, I simply want to “capture” it.  Mark it.  Write it.  Something permanent in order to revisit and recall a moment in time.

My question for you – What moments have you marked today?  In thinking of tomorrow, what moments do you want to intentionally mark?  I find if I’m not being intentional, my time will be used up with moments that don’t really leave a mark.  Moments where I became too distracted to notice the events and people that came in and out of my everyday life.  My friend Rachel wrote an interesting post about it… more good points to ponder.

Let’s not miss it today my friends.  Let’s pause, and let the author of life interrupt our thoughts to lead us on the path to true markers, instead of filler-inners.  Enjoy the day!


7 thoughts on “A pause in time…

  1. Clearly my wardrobe is not all that complex. Nike running shoes…check. Anklet socks…check. Basketball shorts….check. T-shirt…check. I know I’m going to end up on an episode of “what not to wear”. At least I’m not wearing the same shorts a year later (they were dirty…).

    On a more serious note…great post.

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