If you could see…

Had a chat with the Lord as I ran this afternoon (surprise, surprise).  He helped me connect a few dots today, or perhaps thread a concept together with a few life examples (love when that happens!)  The concept on my mind lately is…sight.  We all have it, physically speaking, yet do we truly have it…in the spiritual nature.  In other words, seeing beyond what meets the eye, in essence, seeing through to the heart of the matter.  Not something we’re naturally born with, yet something that can be given, or shall I say received.

For example, I’ve been mulling over the concept of something that might be crystal clear to me, yet not even on the radar of others around me. It’s in these cases that I ponder, is it me?  Am I in the right on this one?  Why can’t they see what I see?  Is it even a right or a wrong way to view things?  Lord, what would you have me do with this sight?  Over and over again, I conclude with His voice, whispering over my heart, “Just come to me Heather, trust me, listen to me, obey me.”

While pondering, the Lord gives me an example today through my daughter.  She had a plan today.  Through the events of the weather said plans changed.  We waited until the last minute to make a call, she didn’t hear said call.  I told her it was time to go, plans had been cancelled.  It wasn’t what she wanted to hear.  Because she didn’t hear it for herself, she concluded that I was wrong.  She did not believe me, she believed her own intentions, therefore she refused to obey my directive.  She didn’t see, she wouldn’t see, the consequences for her were not favorable.

I spent time with a friend this evening.  She so desperately desires for her husband to “see” her, to hear her, to acknowledge her.  She is pleading her case for him to see, he is choosing to see what he wants to see.  Is our “sight” so undependable, so unstable, so fickle as to the circumstances and the mindsets we have built over time that we live in a world that sees through the lens of what’s-in-it-for-me?

We can’t see – the future years, the next minute, the next second.  We can’t know for sure that our relationships with others will be where we want them to “be”, and when we do get what we want, we’re not even sure we wanted that in the first place.  Conclusion – we really don’t know or even have control over very much at all.  So who does?  Who is always there?  Wants us to come to him and cast our cares on Him?  Who tell us come, all who are weary, and I will give you rest?  Who gives us sight from a mindset of love, no matter the cost?

TV?  a good book? a day at the spa? hours on blogs and facebook and twitter? food? friends? family? our spouses?  Often we go here first, often times we come up empty.  Me?  I so desperately want to see.  I want to see Him in everything, everyone, and especially in my doubts, questions, and pleas for help.  He truly does complete me.  He guides me in my reactions.  He helps me to love and forgive, especially when I don’t want to, but because He loves me, I can see what He sees… and it’s beautiful…  everytime…

I leave you with the words of Geoff Moore…

If beauty is all
in the eye
of the beholder then i
wish you could see
the love for you that lives in me

And you would know you have my heart
If you could see what I see
that a treasure is what you are
if you could see what I see
Created to be
the only one for me
If you could see what I see

I know there are days
when you feel
so much less than ideal
wondering what i see in you

It’s all of the light
and the grace
your belief in me drives me to say
that i promise you
a faithful love, forever true

if you could see…
then you’d understand
why i fall down to my knees
and i pray my love
will be worthy of
the One who gave His life
so our love could be


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