The sweetest name

Something happened while I was running the other day…big surprise I know.  I was just about nearing the finish of my course for the day, when off in the distance, I heard a sound.  It’s a sound I’ve heard many times before, a recognizable sound, different from others.  When driving, upon hearing this sound, one naturally pulls over to the side…but I wasn’t driving.  My immediate reaction to this sound was to partake in something I’ve done before, in similar situations, yet this one was different.  With all the focus I had within me, my thoughts went right to prayer…

Lord, a life and/or lives are changing in this exact moment.  With this moment, life as “they” know it may never be the same again.  Perhaps there is tremendous pain involved, perhaps the complete devastation that follows a tragedy will be just too much to bear, perhaps the severity of the consequences are simply to hard to endure.  LORD, be with them.  Be with them in a way that defies human understanding, logic, or comprehension.  In the midst of loss, may they see you, feel you, know you.

Hearing the sound of emergency vehicles, seeing the urgency of their speed, watching the intensity of the drivers faces…a life will be changed.  For some reason, I just felt this to my core.  I may never meet “these” people, but I know that they are a child of the Living God…same as me.

As the vehicles approached and passed…my thoughts drifted back to this past weekend.  One of the speakers shared a story of a precious Grandma who had attended an event that particular night.  The speaker heard word of a tragedy that befell this precious Grandma…she just learned that her 2 darling grandchildren who boarded a plane to fly home, tragically died.  It was at that moment that they entered into prayer together, and as they prayed, the speaker noticed something interesting.  As this Grandma was weeping, sobbing and pouring out her soul, her body would simply pause and appear calm…whenever she heard the spoken name….Jesus, Jesus, Jesus.

As I recalled this memory, something physically happened to my body as well.  Goose bumps – pouring from the top of my head to the tips of my toes.  A reaction so strong, that it was intensified by the fact that the humidity factor had left my skin soaking wet.  I was experiencing a chill in the middle of 90 degree temperature.  As I took note of this amazing phenomenon, the sirens passed.  The song that rang from my shuffled iPod, through to my ears was none other than… Jesus, Jesus, Jesus…

THAT is my God!   I could have missed out had I quit early.  I wonder how much else I’ve “missed”?

How has your “run” been today?


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