Lemonade anyone?

The children and I had a “discussion” today.  While summer time provides many opportunities for fun and memories, time to share and laugh, time to simply spend together… with togetherness time comes a bit of too-much togetherness – a little bit of elbow-rubbing, a little bit of time spend glowering in button-pushing.  So… this was a discussion about said, button-pushing.  In an attempt to all have a say in our next activity, I inquired of the peanut gallery.  Child #1 stated, “lemonade stand”.  Child #2 retracted her thumb and said “movie”.  Child #3 paused, and said, “it’s probably not a great idea… but, lemonade stand”.  In my moment of sheer spontaneity (gotta grab it while I have it), I shouted, “Lemonade stand it is!!”  Much to their delight, Mommy agreed to something they’ve been asking about all summer – why not?

Let the delegating commence!  I began with the question, “What do we need?” and soon one child was making the lemonade, the other was retrieving items, and yet another was on her way to gather supplies for the sign – I just love team work, each one using their own strengths and talents (and no arguing!) 

I must admit, they did a fabulous job!  In no time flat, the stand was complete.  They had an immediate customer (our across-the-street-teenage-neighbor), who so kindly gave with no need for change 🙂  Next, our next door neighbor was just arriving home from band practice – score!  Before I knew it, the family across the street (of whom I’d only met the father), was walking over for a sample (who knew!)  One boy happen to be walking to a friends’ house (the kids opted to give him a charity drink).  And finally… our sweet friend Jen actually drove by and paid generously.  How did she know?  Compliments of twitter and my creative husband!

Other items of interest… our son became the profits splitter… his deductions just made me smile.  He took into effect the items used (the products self-consumed), the products spilled, and even the amount of productivity with each of the co-workers.  He came to a final decision of each share… all on his own :).  What a fun day!  The learned a little bit about life today, and even desire to attempt it again tomorrow, after all, Mom made them come in for dinner… the CEO has yet to make that decision.

Have a fabulous day, and don’t forget to use your lemons (or in our house, Countrytime), to make some lemonade!  You never know what may come of it…


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