It’s somebody’s Birthday around here…

It’s so fun to celebrate (especially in honor of others!)  This picture was taken last year, but at midnight tonight, my wonderful husband will be saying goodbye to his thirties!!  He’s being a big boy about it, claiming his body feels 60, yet still acting as a teenager.  Not one to be the center of a big to-do, he’s wanting one thing for his birthday… time with his family.  Says a lot about him doesn’t it!  So… Happy Birthday my sweetheart!  No one is happier about the day you were born than I am (even thoughI couldn’t be there for the occasion).  I’m sure your parents would stand to contest with me about the happiness factor, and I would have to agree, afterall, they were an integral part in training you up to become the man you are today.  Love you Mom and Dad!

Coming from one who always detested the assignment of poetry, here is my feeble attempt to express my love my dear:

As I sit to compose, I hear laughter from the room, for there you sit with the children, playing with balloons.

As I think back to the first time we talked, I remember one thing…you talked, alot… and I thought, I could marry this man.

Then I met your family, so warm, so hospitable, so endearing, so loving… and it spoke volumes.

I remember the afternoon you proposed to me… all our family was there…a legacy of love passing from one generation to the next…

As God blessed us with child #1, #2, and #3… we learned to burn off some selfishness, and in the process…I absolutely cherish your ability to see a task and simply team with me.

As your career has transpired over the years, I’m amazed at the integrity you strive to maintain, the level of respect you intentionally show to all people, especially when not earned…

As your faith has deepened, so has your love for me… I am forever grateful…for the day you were born.

I love you Aaron Armstrong Conrad…more today than ever before.


2 thoughts on “It’s somebody’s Birthday around here…

  1. You are too much. I mean that. The greatest gift I have is the gift of my family. The one I was raised in, the one I married into and the one that you and I have been blessed to build together. There is no greater present. I love you. Thank you for loving me the way you do.

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