Is it time yet?

Perhaps some of you have already experienced a vacation trip, perhaps some of you are looking forward to your get-away, perhaps you’re saving and dreaming of a time that will be perfect to escape for just a bit.  Well, having just returned (always a bummer), I’ve been compiling a mental list, so here it is.

Top 10 reasons why I love vacation?

10.  I take my watch off the entire time.

9.  The biggest decision to have to make is which swim suit to put on in the morning.

8.  When the kids ask, “Mommy can I_____”, I can answer – “Absolutely!”

7.  The one word I don’t have to say – hurry…

6.  Eating dessert before dinner, just cuz.

5.  Staying up late just laughing while playing silly games.

4.  Sitting.

3.  Reflecting.

2.  Hearing my husband say, “I love you” , just out of the blue.

1.  Being reminded of the simple things.  Thank you Jesus.

What are yours?


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