We’re back!

Just returned this evening from a fabulous week at the beach, Outer Banks Beach in beautiful North Carolina (God”s country as my husband likes to call it.)  Aaron has already posted some great pictures, so feel free to click here and take a glance.  Before my eyelids get too droopy, just felt compelled to share from a book I was able to finish on our drive home.  My dear friend Rachel loaned it to me, and I must admit that I secretly love reading borrowed books.  I love to read highlighted sections and chuckle at how I would have underlined similar things, strange I know.  We all have our “thangs”.  Today was an exception.  Something hit me today that wasn’t, perhaps, a ‘stand-out’ for my friend.  For, you see, we each have different journeys we travel and in different seasons of our lives.

For my husband and I, there was a little bit of irony as I read a recap of Abraham’s life.  A short two years ago, we wouldn’t have been traveling north to return home, we would have traveled directly west.  We had felt the Lord tell us it was time to move, in a similar way he told Abraham.  As I read Sheila’s words, I began to reflect…

The mountain Abraham climbs that day is the most difficult one of his life.  It is the mountain of fear and doubt, the incline of what ifs and what fors.  It is the mountain of why that he must crest to a summit of trust. 

Perhaps you find yourself in a similar place today, putting one step in front of the other, not exactly sure where those steps are taking you, but in obedience, you follow.  You see, I believe we tend to concentrate on where we have been or where we are going, but God focuses on who we are becoming in the process.  Perhaps, if the whole point of this journey is to become more like Jesus, trusting God with everything, the places we have been or where we are headed suddenly become insignificant.

Sheila goes on to describe seeing sheep on the fields in Scotland where she grew up…

I have never once seen a single sheep trying to be a good sheep.  The many sheep I’ve seen just go wherever their shepherd takes them.  If they fall into a creek, they wait for the shepherd to get them out.  If they’re afraid of a stalking wolf, they know the shepherd has a mighty rod and staff to win any fight.  They don’t worry about where their next meal is coming from – they eat the grass at their feet, and when it’s gone, the shepherd leads them to a new pasture.

I believe that’s how our Father wants us to live right now.  Right in this moment.  He says – Come.  Follow Me.  Do not worry.  I give you peace.

That’s how I felt on the beach – full of peace.  Now, the key will be  to remember that He (the giver of peace) is with me wherever I go, including the busyiness of tomorrow.  I am so thankful for the opportunity to experience amazing family time, to appreciate His creation, and to have the gift of time with my parents.  Many more stories to come…


One thought on “We’re back!

  1. The sheep analogy got me too; did you know Rachel in Hebrew is “ewe”? Sounds pathetic enough on it’s own, but then having a name that means ” dumb ol’ sheep” will definitely keep you humble. 😉

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