Commit to walk

What type of commitments do you make?  Perhaps you’ve made a commitment to your career, even signed a contract of service, perhaps you’ve made a commitment to an activity for a period of time, perhaps you’ve made a commitment to a family member or friend, or perhaps you’ve committed to a ministry at church.  I’ve recent made a commitment,a vow, a dedication, in essence a determined choice, a promise to see it through.  I’ve made a similar commitment before, so this time, I’m not so green around the ears.  I know what comes along with this commitment, I know that it comes with “taking the good with the bad”.  I know it brings feelings of discomfort, a sacrifice of time & energy, it even brings aches and pains.  I’m committing to the Lord my time in running with Him, training with Him, completing a marathon race with Him in a few short months.  I’m being accountable.  I want to be obedient.  I’ll need to remind myself of this in those moments when I can’t quite recall the reasons for committing in the first place…

As my dear friend Rachel and I remind ourselves, if we are paying attention, God speaks clearly, through a variety of ways just so we get it, in essence, He speaks in themes.  As I sat down for some reading this evening, I picked up a book I’ve been digesting slowly, it’s just that good.  Anne Graham Lotz, enough said.  She writes:

Prayer begins with our relationship to God that the Bible describes as a walk… If we want to walk with Him, we must walk in His direction, which means we must surrender the will of our life to Him.  We can’t go off in our own direction, deciding our own goals and pursuing our own purposes.  And we must walk at His pace, which means step-by-step obedience to His Word.  And since we have no idea what steps He is taking on a particular day, we have to read and apply His Word on a daily basis so we can walk His pace.

One thing I’ve discovered is that God won’t adjust His pace or direction to suit me. I have to adjust my pace and direction to His if I want to walk with Him.  If you and I don’t walk with God, how will we know what to pray for?  How will we know what’s on His heart and mind?  We won’t.  We will end up praying what’s on our minds and what’s in our hearts, struggling to get Him to walk at our pace and in our direction.

God is doing something in our neighborhood, our city, our nation, our world, but we will never know what it is, much less how we can participate with Him in it, unless we walk with Him.

Pretty awesome stuff!  I love the reminder that Jesus has made His Father known to us so we can know Him as Abraham did.. and make Him known to others.  Lord, I want my words to be backed up with a daily commitment hammered out by faith on the anvil of my experience.  I want to walk with Him…

  • as Adam did – so personally that I live in the paradise of His presence (Genesis 3:8)
  • as Enoch did – so consistently that increasingly I love in heavenly places (Genesis 5:24)
  • as Noah did – so obediently that God can use me to save others from His judgement (Genesis 6:9)
  • as Abraham did – who walked with such sensitivity that he knew what was on God’s mind and heart

What is holding you back from your commitment today?


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