Rain delay…

Ever have a day when rain changes your plans?  Question for ya, how do you respond to “changes of plans”?  My first reaction is usually not pleasant, I don’t always react well to change.  I like plans, I like to see them carried out.  But, I’ve learned a bit in my older age (thinking about an upcoming birthday, not as pleasant on this end of the number line 🙂  I’ve learned that often times, changes of plans brings an even better plan.

Isaiah 55:8
“For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways,” declares the LORD.

As Austin’s baseball double header was cancelled, Aaron and I thought through plan B.  We decided upon the dollar movie theater, free bowling, and some dinner out.  Turns out, another baseball player was able to join us, and we even met his family for dinner.  We ended the evening tonight watching a favorite classic, Toy story.  We’re just a little excited for the new one set to release soon!  In thinking back to the wonderful campfire we enjoyed last evening (smores included!)  I can’t help but thank Jesus for my plan B’s.  All of them, but mostly for the ones that came unexpectedly.

How about you?  Are you in the midst of a plan B?  Perhaps it’s much more life changing than a little rain delay.  Perhaps your heart is hurt, your mind is confused, your emotions are on a roller coaster.  Perhaps there isn’t a constant in your life.  Can I tell you something today, there is a Rock on which we can all stand.  He is truth, He is life, He is the way.  I can say this because I have learned to believe this is true.  Not quite sure?  You gotta get your hands on this book.  Pete Wilson doesn’t proclaim to have answers, but he sheds light and perspective on places that perhaps are dark.  It’s worth your time.  It’s real.  Why?  He serves a real God.  A God who loves you.

Thank you my Jesus for the rain.  Thank you for some perspective this morning as I ran with you.  Thank you for always listening and hearing.  Thank you that I may give things over to you that I simply can’t handle.  Thank you for teaching me least I think I’ve got a handle on something.  That you for showing me my short-comings, it leads me back to heart of repentance, and forgiveness, so that I may extend mercy and grace.  Nothing compared to what you extend to me.  Looking forward to worship tomorrow!


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