My baby graduated!

I wasn’t quite sure as a Mom, what I’d feel tonight.  Our youngest completed preschool and officially graduated tonight.  She talked about it all day today, kept calling it “graduation practice” tonight, and in a sense she was right on.  It was a practice for more graduations to come, but for now, my mind could’t go there.  As she came down the stairs, and called out “Mom”.  I glanced up for a moment to a see a vision of my little girl, cute little dimples, just glowing.  She had dressed herself and was all ready for the big occasion.

Well, we jumped in the car, but just before leaving I remembered to grab the camera… if only I could find it.  Search, search, search, okay!  Let’s go!  We pulled into the parking lot, asked her to pause for a snapshot, turned on the camera, and… it died.  Oh, poor third child.  I did manage to snap one really quick, so this will have to do.  She’s so gown up.  She took this ceremony seriously, all business. She remembered every line, every verse to their song, very confidently glided across the stage.  Proud Daddy managed to have a backup and recorded parts on his cell phone.  Enjoy!

Mommy is so proud of you sweet girl! 

Being proud of my children, I consider as an amazing gift.  Our son showed great persistence and courage in his baseball endeavors this past weekend.  Our middle daughter is showing similar persistence and courage in moving up 2 levels in her gymnastics career.  And even the little one can’t wait for swim team to start next week.  I love watching their God-given gifts and talents be used in shaping their character, integrity, and hearts.  Hearts turned toward their Heavenly Father in seeking His will for their lives.  I have no greater joy…


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