Vacation anyone?

Hard to believe that May is coming to a close.  Perhaps some of you are taking a peek, or glimpse ahead, on your calendar to the upcoming summer months.  One of my favorite events to look forward to is summer vacation.  For me, summertime is the highlight of the year.  My husband will tell you I have part chlorine in my blood, that I can smell a pool from miles away. There might actually be some truth to that.  I spent many years of my life in a pool, my choice.  While the thought of water may strike fear in a few, it’s simply a place that I call home.  What’s even more fun is that my children enjoy it just as much as I do, especially our youngest, the tactile one.  What I look forward to the most is quite simply whole family time.  While the family van may still take many trips in and out of the driveway, we seem to all be traveling together, I cherish this.  For as we know, time flies.

My task for you today is to have you pause and think about your favorite vacation destination.  Perhaps you have a tradition of frequenting the same place, perhaps you’re one who likes to take a peek at something new each year.  Perhaps you’re saving up for that special occasion.  We all have unique and ideal places of enjoyment and/or rest, I thought it might be fun to share ideas of some of your favorite places.  Simply take a moment and vote below.  Perhaps you’ve had an opportunity to frequent several choices listed, which was your favorite?  Next, take just one more moment and leave a comment about your favorite place and why.  I look forward to hearing your stories.  I’m anticipating my reflections on the beach of Outer Banks, NC this June.  Happy dreaming!


One thought on “Vacation anyone?

  1. we’ve only been on one ‘our family only’ vacation. it was just last summer. it was to the beach. and it was my favorite. i dont think i’d care where i was… i think if it’s just the 4 of us, it’s my favorite 🙂

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