I've gone green!

After some gentle nudges, subliminal messages, and lots of hand holding (perhaps some twisting), my dear, technologically savvy husband has turned me into a convert.  Again, from one who still has the same picture frames hanging in the exact nail holes placed on moving day 5 years ago, I’m one that needs to be convinced, and in fact, dragged into change.  And… I must admit…  I’m enjoying the ease of wordpress (helps when I have a live-in help desk).  In fact, I’m going to have some fun with these new features over the next few posts, so bear with me – my first poll yet to come…

I simply wanted to share with you a video today.  I’ve seen it on two occasions now, so it’s highly likely you have viewed this before – definitely worth 1 .5 minutes of your time to view again.  I’m just in awe of how creative God’s people can be when tuned in with the Savior and how He’s wired you.  Enjoy!


2 thoughts on “I've gone green!

  1. Welcome to wordpress! You’re gonna really like it hear. It is my own personal mission to covert as many bloggers as I can to wordpress. At least our entire house is on this platform now. All kidding aside, it is my hope that this move will be one where even more people can see your true talent and gift for writing. Glad you’re here!

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