Book Review

Here we are again, anther great book to share about! As the mailman graced the door just before our trip this past weekend, God’s timing could not have been more perfect. You see, my little girl just turned seven on Saturday – 7!!! I always heard about time flying in reference to children, but now I totally get it! As we had some time to spare in the family van, we had a chance to read parts together. What a simply precious read! This makes a great gift for any “girls” in your life!

Authors Jack Countryman and Amy Parker have compiled a wonderful hard-back book that can be read over and over. This can be used as a devotional read, a reference book as situations and/or needs arise, and even serves as a great reminder of the characteristics of our Heavenly Father. It’s set-up with short two-page categorizes with a brief rhyming commentary (4-lines), and the rest of the page is filled with scripture.

Content categorizes include “God’s Promises When…” (You are Worried, You Need Help, You Feel Lonely) “God’s Promises About…” (The Woman You’ll Grow up to Be, His Love, His Grace) “God Wants You To…”, and several others. The pictures included are simply adorable, and just add to the special-ness of the words the Lord leaves for us in His Word. These verses are such a source of comfort and encouragement as we need reassurance of God’s protection, love, and forgiveness. I believe, as children see again and again that Scripture has answers to our questions and feelings, they will learn to rely on God and his promises.

Have a wonderful day in Him!


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