A weekend to remember

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Ever have those days that just seem to fly by in a blur, and in a moment of “sitting down” you realize all that transpired and then your body truly SHOWS you all that transpired? It hit, hard, but it was such a good feeling. In the spirit of simply sharing the good news, just wanted to journal a short recap of the events in the Conrad household.

Thursday, my dear friend Rachel sent me a text – Scored some free tickets for Women of Faith, can you go? CAN I? Let me check with the hubbie…. – I’m IN!!!! To wrap up the experience in one word I would call it a gift. Plain and simple, I did not earn it nor deserve it, yet we simply drove, parked, picked up free tickets, and walked down to the floor section, fourth from the stage. Yep, I literally felt like Mandisa was giving us a personal concert. We were even close even to see her sport her blue snuggie in between times (rock on!) Incidentally, there are only a few CDs that I actually listen to all the way through, hers is one of them, AND I so happened to be listening just that afternoon as I walked the puppy! It also just so happened the Lord placed a book in my mailbox, WHICH just so happens to be the book that author Lisa Whelchel spoke about THAT NIGHT! (review soon to come!) As if that was not enough blessing, Rachel was tweeting with a very special lady, who we just so happened to walk a few feet to meet right after the session. None other than the wife of Michael Hyatt, president and CEO of Thomas Nelson Publishing – beautiful Gail herself! Yes, I was giddy to take a picture with her!

That was Friday. Late to bed, early to rise, in fact my entire household (6) + 5 more runners, pulled out of driveway around 6:15 am. It just was a ball to all drive downtown together, to semi-stretch and chat before the Half Marathon race here in Columbus. It turned out to be an amazing morning. The course was different from years past, new bends and turns to enjoy. Around mile 4, I joined with my husband and our friend Matt. At mile 6, it began to drizzle, a nice relief from a bit of humidity. Our friend Denise passed by soon after that. Just before mile 9, I felt my energy dwindle, only to round a corner to a very nice downhill with a breeze to greet us as well. The last few I simply enjoyed – call it runner’s high, out of body experience, or just plain joy in feeling His presence -I was able to celebrate the amazing feat that my body is simply able to run at all – to be able to endure and complete the task. The most exciting part to me – running alongside my soul-mate, reflecting on each year of marriage as each mile was completed, 13 in all!

What is there to do after completing a race? Well, have a party of course! It’s tradition around here. This time we celebrate the birthdays of our two girls! Family and friends came to celebrate, Chick-Fil-A provided much needed energy in the form of chicken nuggets and sweet tea, and we stayed up late into the night again!

Sunday, it was time for another celebration. This came in the form of a ladies Spring Tea that was held at the Dublin Rec. Center on behalf of Journey Church. I put on some high heels around 8:30 that morning, and didn’t take them off until I returned home at 6:00 that evening – whew! We had a great time and was deeply grateful for all the time and energy that so many ladies gave to make this opportunity for connection possible. The girls and I enjoyed time with my mom, my sister, and several other girlfriends. It’s just fun to be girly!!

All in all, I’ve had a chance to reflect on just how much fun life really can be, even more so if I can choose the right attitude and pray for his strength in time of recognized fatigue. My cup is full… time for a nap…zzzzz

2 Corinthians 9:8
And God is able to make all grace abound to you, so that in all things at all times, having all that you need, you will abound in every good work.


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