Special Needs Conference

If I asked you the question, “Who inspires you?”, what would you say? Perhaps a family member, a public figure, maybe even a historic persona. I would say, my friends Carrie and Erika. They do not take for granted what many of us do – the health of our children. They are mothers to boys with fragile health. Their care is required around the clock, their lifestyles have changed quite dramatically, they love with a passionate pursuit. They would also tell you that words they have often thought include, “I am all alone.”

Born from this amazing call in their life, they would also tell you one more thing – what a gift they are to one another as moms. Recognizing this gift, they’ve had a dream of gathering together moms who might also feel alone in the care for the needs of their special children. With a desire on their heart, and a purpose in their mission, a one-day conference is being held here in Hilliard, Ohio.

If you, or another that you know, cares for a special child, please feel free to pass along the information. I have a feeling, God might have something very special planned for her. She is not alone.

You Are Not Alone Conference


2 thoughts on “Special Needs Conference

  1. Heather,Thank you! I don't always get a chance to read all the blogs, but just happened to read yours today -your post here touched me – I shed tears of course. God is good, He's working, and He's full of Grace! Thank you.Carrie 🙂

  2. Heather, Carrie sent me the link to your blog and, like her, I am also touched. Thank you for the kind words and for letting your readers know about the conference.We are definitely excited to see what God is going to do!Erika

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