And then, there were 6

Yep, our family of 5 has now grown to 6. We adpoted! A little boy – he weighs in at 13 lbs., big brown eyes, four legs, lots of fur, and answers to the name Wuzzby, well sometimes. Yep, it was the name he came with, and it just suits him quite well. He’s just about the most adorable thing I’ve ever seen, yet if you would have asked me about becoming a dog owner Thursday night, I would have literally laughed outloud!

Here’s what transpired… Aaron just happened to insist on helping out by picking Emma up from gymnastics. He just happened to get the wild idea to visit the Humane Society located right next door. He also just so happened to walk to the very last kennel to see the most adorable face, and simply fall hard. They returned home a bit late and Emma informed me, “Mom, we are late because_____” what I THOUGHT she would say was one word – traffic. I knew that an accident occurred on the freeway and assumed more cars would be en route. But no. The words she spoke were, “we were looking at dogs”. Uhhhhhh?????

Aaron played it off pretty smooth, I must admit. He was matter of fact, objective, and even went on line to be able to answer all the questions he know I would be asking πŸ™‚ Strange thing… I had just been thinking about dogs this week. However, these were my thoughts – “wow, look at those piles of doggie poopie, (now visible after the melting snow), so glad we don’t have that in our yard.” “Spring cleaning isn’t too bad this year, nice not to see dog hairs that seem to velcro themselves to the weirdest places.” The Lord works in mysterious ways…

As I saw the look on my husband’s face, and I heard the compassion in Emma’s voice, I soon wondered if I’d even have the stamina to say no. Somehow I had the feeling that the Spirit was nudging me to let Aaron lead, to allow him this new adventure, and to even agree with my whole heart – looking at the sacrifices to come, and to have a perspective that the Lord might just have an ultimate plan for this animal in our life.

So, the kids and I prayed about it Friday morning. I agreed to meet Aaron at the Humane Society that afternoon. He was there right when they opened, had he not been, another couple would have adopted him, they arrived just after he did. Wubzzy had only been there 3 days. The reason he was there was because his previous family was alergic. He has already been spayed, recieved all his shots, ready to go! Needless to say, I arrived in the parking lot, uttered a prayer, something like, “Dear Lord, help me…” I stepped out of the car, shut the door, looked to my left, and there was Aaron rounding the corner. I glanced down, one look, and quickly looked away, “Dear Lord, there’s no way we’re leaving without him.” He had my heart.

Life with Wubzzy has been… interesting. It’s like parenting all over again πŸ™‚ We’re figuring each other out, we’re training, we’re having fun. Overall, he’s a fantastic puppy. Loves to follow us everywhere, slept all through the night without one whimper, doing well potty training, and even chooses to sleep in his open crate during the day. He’s a blessing. He’s uniting us as a family, I have a feeling there will there be many future lessons to come. As with so many lessons in life, it’s all about obedience, especially when the future results are not yet known.

Thanks Lord for the opportunity to care for your creation. Thank you for guiding us as a family. Thanks for the sweet spirit of this dog that we prayed about. Thank you for an opportunity to be inconvenienced to realize just where my heart lies. Thank you for guiding my husband. Thank you for the healing effects obedience brings.


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