Comedy of Errors

Aaron and I set out for a “long” run this past Saturday. We locked and load our i-pods for 12 miles, geared up, and hit the streets to a bright blue sky, and crisp cool air. Aaron has been favoring his ankle, but with some new kicks, he’s ready to go. We somewhat cruised the first few, then it hit us. He called it the running wounded. Not sure what’s up with my hips lately, but they’re feeling every single stretch of the stride and wanting to hold back. Somehow the fight to endure wins over, and you simply keep moving. We stopped for a short rest break, check my phone, removed my jacket, and forward we pressed on.

I remember running by the same group of 3 older gentlemen, in a sign of comradery, we gave the patented wave-and nod-fly-by. We rounded the corner onto Avery, and somehow I wasn’t sure if I was going to make it. My energy level dropped significantly. Aaron’s phrase – the wheels were coming off. Though slower, my mind was at peace with simply the ability to finish. “Two more lefts,” Aaron said, and I set my sites. As we ran the upward climb on Cemetery, we reached a section of sidewalk where tree roots have won the battle over the cement blocks. My eyes were not watchful, and before I could blink, I was groaning at the thought I was soon to hit the pavement as my foot never cleared the uneven section. Definitely not graceful, but the least damage yet in my several flops and bad falls. Only a few minor abrasions on my palms, no torn pants, no tears at my knees, and an i-pod that was intact. More out of shock, I quickly brushed myself off and wanted to keep going. We survived the lights, down the hill and rounded the last turn onto Britton Parkway.

With legs burning at this point, it’s simply a fight to the finish. With about 1/2 mile to go, I saw Aaron swatting at the air. In the next moment – a fly – right into my left eye! So gross! I attempted to dislodge it, then looked at my muddy hands and knew it would have to wait – of course! This fueled my fire. If Satan was now sending flies, all the more reason to prove this battle will be won! We did finish. We did hobble/walk home. We will live to run another day. Lord, thank you for providing your strength once again. May I continue to honor you through my commitment and faithfulness to obey. You are worth it Lord, and the battle is yours.


2 thoughts on “Comedy of Errors

  1. I could see you following in slow motion when you described that! What a yucky run! I'm so sorry! And the fly? GROSS! Tell Aaron he owes you one for swatting that thing into your eye! 🙂

  2. Too funny Amanda! Just moments before the swatting, I thought He was crazy because I didn't see any, and I was right next to him! These stories are fun to share and to remember, one never knows what will happen on a "normal" training day hugh?

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