You gave me the name Mom

My precious, firstborn child… My mind simply cannot wrap around the fact that you were born into our family nine years ago today. Your amazing birth is such a marker in my life. Not only did you give me the privilege of a new role as a mother, but in your birth, I was granted a new one as well. You see… my heart grew three sizes that day. Little did I know that by staring in amazement and wonder at this miracle of creation in my arms, I soon began to see a reflection of myself that up until that day I had not seen. You see sweet boy, with you, came the realization that I too am a child. A child of a King. A King that I had dethroned from the center part of my life, and placed on the outskirts along with the myriad of other activities. I had forsaken my first love. I had grown to depend on myself.

You see, sweet child, what I thought I had know in my life, areas I had a handle on or control over, soon came crashing down around me, for now, I had…. responsibility. And in all honesty, it revealed to me lots of selfishness… not a pretty sight. I had a job that did not come with a manual. I had a task that came with a concoction of physical exhaustion and unexplainable joy. I traveled a road (side-by-side a fellow newbie) that was brand new. I was on a journey with no map to follow… or so I thought.

Today, sweet child, you remind me of so many things. You remind me that it’s important to pause, and laugh at the funny circumstances of life. You remind me that there are lots of questions to ponder about the world. You remind me that kindness abounds from a heart that is peaceful. You remind me that the answers of today could change by tomorrow. You remind me of the day that the Lord did a work in my heart. I love you Austin. Thank you for the gift of you!


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