Dinner and a Movie?

In these tough economic times, one business continues to flourish…the movie industry! Maybe it is our need for an escape. Maybe it’s the mindless entertainment or maybe, just maybe…it’s for the snacks and goodies.

Jen over at It’s me…Jen has put together this online auction for our dear friends, the Tarapchaks. All of the proceeds for the auction will go to a fund which has been set up for the Tarapchak children. For more details on the auction and a list of each of the bloggers participating, you can visit the Tarapchak Auction Blog Site.

Now lets get to the good stuff! Below is your official Dinner and a Movie Bailout Basket. Escape the cold winter evening with a warm meal, a good movie and some calorie stimulus snacks. Full details below and remember…we’re all in this together!

Bidding will begin Saturday February 14th @ 6:00am on this 18 piece set.
100% of the proceeds will benefit the Tarapchak kids!

Included with gift basket are:
6 Movie tickets
1 AMC Movie Theater Gift Card
5 Large Size Assorted Candy Treats

3 Microwave Popcorn Packets
3 Additional Gift Cards (McDonald’s, Chili’s and Blockbuster)

FREE shipping within the United States.

Auction will end at 8:00 PM Eastern Standard time.

Staring bid… $20.00
Bidding increments of… $5.00
Place a bid by leaving a comment to this post.
Cash, check or money order will be accepted.
PayPal will be accepted, with additional PayPal fee charges added on.

I MUST have a way to contact you in order for your bid to be valid.

Please email Jen with any questions!

The winning bidder will be notified the evening the auction is done!
Please check out the master list of all other auctions benefiting the Tarapchaks…


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