Only God!

After posting about prayer requests this morning, I received a devotional in my inbox from Proverbs 31 Ministries, and guess what God placed on my computer screen? None other than the same verse from Ephesians 6 :18. The author so beautifully expounded on the same topic that the Lord helped me to ponder this morning – only God.

The author of this devotional happens to be an amazing lady, sold out, transparent, and authentically real about herself and her Savior. She is linked on the blogroll to the right. After reading this, I encourage you to click on Renee Swope’s link. This will take you to her blog where you can do two things. First, read her post as well as devotional, and secondly, add your prayer request following her clear instructions. She has set up a place to have an opportunity to pray for the person that submitted a request just before you, and the promise that the person who requests after you will be lifting you up in prayer as well.

As I checked this amazing list, the person I am praying for has a need that the Lord has been revealing in my heart and teaching me of his ways the past several months. Reminds me of a verse that is so alive to me recently, found in Luke 22:32
…And when you have turned back, strengthen your brothers.
Again – only God! Isn’t He amazing!

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