Ever have that sense that you just needed to do something, but just dragged your feet about it for some reason or another? Well, I’ve been needing to get a new pair of shoes, shoes for running, that is. When I first began this journey of running, I wanted to do it right, so I went to the right store, asked the right questions, got fitted for the right shoes. I’m the kinda girl that likes to stick with what she knows (unless otherwise notified), so I have faithfully stuck with Asics for the past 2 years. I put them on and just feel like home.

Well, just recently, the ol‘ familiar ache in my knees started showing signs of a comeback, so I started thinking of ways to squelch this preview before it became a full-blown feature film. Thus my current dilemma of “dragging my feet”. I knew I probably needed to go back to the “right” store and revisit my now 2-years-of-pounding-2-years-older feet. So, I took my 5 year old daughter, and headed off to Front Runner, the complete feet store.

It’s not too often that we experience true service in this fast paced, in-out, get-it-and-go society, but here, the rules don’t apply. You are greeted the moment you step foot inside, kindly directed to where you need to go, gently guided to a place in which to rest, and the service is brought to you (sounds great already doesn’t it). Now comes the personal part – a knowledgeable person kindly asks you to walk a few feet to access your pronation, then they look at your arch support needs, then they ask about your intentions, and bring your several shoes (of which they put on and even lace for you!) After your fitting, they instruct to walk outside and put these new additions to the test by running around their parking lot area. My daughter loved this part! After weighing and feeling out your options, they even leave you with a guarantee of a full refund if after a week they are not the shoe for you- what service!

Well, this stick-to-it girl had every intention of just updating her currently out-dated, on-sale Kohl’s purchase for a new Asics model. However, after my full-service entourage, I was given the gift of a different brand of shoe. This shoe had the familiar feeling of home, yet had some added “cushion” feeling that I figured my poor knees were definitely crying out for. That, complete with my one-week guarantee sold me on the purchase of a Newbalance shoe. Little did I know that I left that day with a complete gift. Not only has my nagging-achy-knee pain subsided, but I had quite a story to share with my daughter. I could have returned the shoes for those that are familiar, comfortable, yet I would have missed out on the blessing. Not only did we talk about the gift Jesus gave me that day, but she got to “see” something else. She not only saw the act of service, but she got to see the act of gift-acceptance. There is a balance that needs to happen between stepping out in action, and also receiving the gifts He gives us (and remembering to say thank you!)

Thank you Lord for this New-balance in my life. Help me to seek first your kingdom. Matthew 6:33


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